Included standard equipment: from the ground board up...


Ground Board Frame

Standard triangular aluminum ground board frame. Fabricated from aluminum square tube and angle. Fully welded.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Servocat Azimuth Drive Board

Standard wood drive board. Wood drive board is made from choice (11-ply) plywood. Precision cut and finished with an epoxy paint.  Uses the standard knurled aluminum drive roller.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Wheels & Handles

Wheels and handles are standard with all transportable telescopes.  Uses steel tubing with 2-10" pneumatic wheels (x4 for larger scopes)  Secured to scope with quick release clevis pins.

$ 0  (included in base price)


Rocker Box

Our lower profile Rocker boxes are fabricated from aluminum tubing (steel tubing for observatory grade) and fully jig welded . Removable decorative panels are installed to give it a seamless look.  Base of rocker is made from fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) laminated to a reinforced .75" thick (11-ply) wood core with an .080 aluminum top plate.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Mirror Box Frame

The Horizon design incorporates an internal mirror box structural design.  Manufactured from welded aluminum tubing (steel tubing for observatory grade)  this gives an incredibly strong core structure for the mirror cell and altitude bearings.  All mirror boxes include integrated lifting handles.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Altitude Bearings

The altitude beaings are manufactured from a .75" thick (11-ply) plywood core (up to 1.75" thick depending on size) with aluminum sheets pressure laminated, welded and mechanically fastened to the surface and edges of the core material.  This makes for an incredibly strong bearing with outstanding dampening characteristics.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Mirror Cell

Mirror cells are mounted to a steel frame separated from the mirror box frame.  This makes for an extremely rigid structure, designed to support any thickness primary optic.  Plop designed with solid wiffle tree type edge mount.  System uses only 2 collimation bolts with a fixed 3rd connection point. Cells from 18 to 54 point depending on mirror size are all fabricated in house.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Fully Baffled Rear Opening

The rear opening is fully baffled to restrict any light from entering the rear of the telescope.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Mirror Box & Rocker Box

Our mirror box / rocker box combo is of the lowest and narrowest available. The unique radius mirror box design has much less internal volume compared to square mirror boxes. The FRP mirror box front and rear "walls" allow the internal air in the mirror box to almost instantly equalize.  Less heat to deal with means quicker cooling optics!

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Removable TOP PLATE & Mirror Box Cover

All StarStructure Horizons come equipped with a removable octagon plate on top of the mirror box for easy access of the primary optic. A round mirror box cover is also included.

$ 0 (included in base price)


Fabricated Truss Poles

Our truss poles have plates inserted into the ends and are fully jig welded.  The slotted upper mounting plate allows one truss to collapse for easy storage. Recessed lower tuss plates create a positive lock to the rocker box for precise repeatable assembly.

$ 0  (included in base price)


Light Shroud

All light shrouds are custom made with draw string and hasp at the top of the shroud

$ 0 (included in base price)


Secondary Holder & Spider Assembly

Fully machined all aluminum secondary holders with our unique partial lip system that eliminates leading edge pinch. Spiders come with secondary off-set standard. We are the only manufacturer that makes its own secondary holders and spiders in house.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Upper Tube Assembly

All upper tube assembly comes with a multi-position mounting system.  The two positions allow for 19mm of additional in-travel.  Comes in handy when using digital cameras and digital video cameras.

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Feathertouch Focuser & Flat Base

Feathertouch Focuser (part#FTF2020BCR) and Flat Base (part#BA20FL) standard on all sizes. 

 $ 0  (included in base price) 


Clean Wiring

All wiring is integrated into the structure for a clean professional fit and look.

  $ 0  (included in base price)  


Easy To Reach Connections

Connections are well thought out and easy to reach.

  $ 0  (included in base price)  


Quick Disconnects

Quick disconnects are located throughout the scope for a user friendly assembly and disassembly.

  $ 0  (included in base price)