Servocat goto tracking system installed: $2950.00

Main Servocat Control box


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Servo Drive motors

Precision high gear ratio servo motors with engage / disengage levers.

Hand Pad

Full function hand pad included

Nexus DSC & Custom Podium Installed: $875.00

Nexus Digital Setting Circle

Included with the Nexus DSC are 10K encoders


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Custom Podium

Price includes our custom fitted, rear mounted, fully wired, removable DSC mounting podium.

WiFi Included

All Nexus DSC's will come with WiFi included.  This allows the user to wirelessly interface with many planetarium programs using their smartphones or tablets.

***skysafari app and smart phone not included***

power ground board option $550.00

Power Receptacle

Located at the bottom of the ground board near one of the feet...the included 15' power cord plugs into the scope here. The power cord has a standard cigarette plug at the other end to plug into the user supplied 12v positive tip power supply. 

Power Ground Board Stainless Steel Rings

Supplied by Astro Systems, these .090 thick SS rings bring the power to the top of the ground board and on to the inside of the rocker.

Power Distribution Rail

Supplied by Astro Systems...the power from the center of the rocker finishes to this rail.  Included is 6 black 12v DC (out) RCA plugs with ON-OFF switches. 1 red 12v DC (in) RCA plug for an internal battery. Also, included is an addition 4' power (in) cable used when putting a battery inside the rocker box.

Fabricated Aluminum drive board Option: call for price

Drive Board

The standard drive board is a wooden board.  It uses an aluminum knurled drive roller that is spring pressured to the edge of the wood board.  

Fabricated Aluminum Drive Board

This option offers an Aluminum Fabricated drive board that is driven with a polyurethane roller. 


  1. Impervious to weather
  2. Drive board will NEVER wear or reduce in diameter
  3. If the scope is bumped in azimuth, you don't have to worry about the edge getting torn up. 
  4. More contact surface ensuring a slipless operation

surface scrubbing fan option: $500.00

Surface Scrubbing Fans (x4)

Fans are located in the 4 corners of the mirror box above the mirror surface.  They are angled slightly towards the center of the optic.  The purpose is to push a smooth column of air over the face of the mirror to remove the turbulent layer of warmer air.

Quick disconnect for easy replacement

The included (4) ball bearing fans are easily removed and have a quick wire disconnect.  The fans are fully wired seamlessly to the rocker box with an included ON-OFF switch.

Fan Sizes

Depending on the size of your telescope the fan size will vary .

Finder scope option: $55.00

Telrad or Finder Scope Mount

You can choose from a Telrad finder or we will install your (user supplied) finder scope mount.

Restrictions apply... Please call for details.

Secondary dew heater install: $175.00

AstroSystems Secondary Heater

Price Includes:

  1. Appropriate size dew heater installed on secondary.
  2. Spider wired with conductive copper tape.
  3. Quick disconnect at bottom of UTA
  4. Wire run through truss tube to another quick disconnect.
  5. Final connection to back of rockeer box.

High Resolution encoders: $75.00

40k Encoders

Price replaces the standard 10K encoders with High Res 40K encoders

Mirror Cell cross bar option: $250.00

Cross Bar

Brings the crossbar pivote inline with the triangle pivotes.

Edge-on View

Eliminates triangle "walk" on back of the mirror