StarStructure Telescopes
Type 3 is our full blown telescope system that
basically comes with everything we offer.
Available in both LE and Horizon designs, these telescopes
are built, assembled, tested and come ready to use. You only
need to put her together, collimate the optics, do a 2 star
alignment and your ready to go to almost anything in the sky.
All OPTION 3 telescopes are custom built to order. Please call for pricing and restrictions
Our all aluminum structure with custom made plop designed mirror cell. Whiffletree edge mount support system and full floating rear mirror supports. Mirror cell can have 9, 18, 27 or 54 points depending on mirror size.

Customer supplied primary mirror is center spotted (if needed) and installed into the mirror cell to ensure proper fit.

Servocat goto tracking system installed and tested.
Testing includes initial bench testing for roller alignment. Auto calibration performed to
ensure precise gear ratios. Go to and tracking accuracy testing under the night sky.

ArgoNavis DSC mounted on a custom podium for sizes 22" and larger. Sizes smaller then 22" come with a Skycommander XP4 DSC. (ADD: $320.00 for ArgoNavis) Podium comes fully wired with azimuth and altitude encoder cables and 12V supply to the Argo Navis. Argo Navis comes ready to use with all settings loaded.

Customer supplied secondary optic installed in holder and mounted in spider. At your request the center hub of the spider can be drilled for off-set secondary positioning.

Feathertouch focuser on sizes 22" and larger. Sizes smaller than 22" come with a Moonlite duel rate focuser (ADD: $230.00 for Feathertouch). Astrosystems secondary dew heater mounted to back of secondary optic and wired to a 12V supply in the rocker.
Integrated wheel and handle system, custom fitted light shroud.

Scope is fully tested under night sky.
(SST 2014)
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e-mail: starstructure (at) verizon (dot) net