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StarStructure Telescopes
Type 2 is our bare bones structure for customers
looking for a basic ready to use telescope.

These are manual push-to telescopes.
Some would say that push-to scopes are for the purest and the challenges of hunting down and finding faint fuzzies is half the journey.
With that said...these scopes are not available with goto tracking systems.
ALL OPTION 2 telescopes are custom built to order. Please call for pricing and restrictions
Everything listed in Option 1

Sizes smaller than 22" come with a Moonlite dual rate focuser. Sizes 22" and up come with a Feathertouch focuser. Add $230.00 for Feathertouch focuser

Focuser installed and closely collimated.

Telrad or Rigel finder.

User supplied secondary optic installed in holder, mounted in spider and closely lined up to the focuser axis.

User supplied primary mirror is center marked with triangle, (if needed) installed and collimated for the purposes of checking the focus point, balancing the OTA, adjusting azimuth movement for manual operation. Telescope is setup and is tested under the night sky for overall mechanical performance.
Astrosystems secondary dew heater installed and wired to rocker. Argo Navis or Skycommander DSC installed, tested and wired. DSC podium with mounting plate.
(SST 2014)
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e-mail: starstructure (at) verizon (dot) net