Type 1 is our structure only.
This is the least expensive way to get into a Starstructure.
These scopes are built to your specifications.
You should be familiar with the following;
Installing primary and secondary optics, focuser and finders. Installing and wiring any accessories. You should be well acquainted with making adjustments for balance and azimuth movement. Knowledgeable of initial collomation set-up is a must. Be prepared to make any changes that may be needed on the mirror cell, spider and secondary holder to optimize telescope performance.
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StarStructure Telescopes
All OPTION 1 telescopes are custom built to order. Please call for pricing and restrictions.
Upper tube assembly with installed spider and upper truss mounts. Secondary holder of desired size. Focuser board drilled to specified mounting pattern.
Assembled truss tubes cut to specified length with fitted light shroud.

Mirror box assembly with installed lower truss mounts, mirror cell, altitude bearings with FRP riding surfaces, altitude encoder center hole drilled with lock screw.

Rocker box assembly with center bolt drilled / lock screw for azimuth encoder, Teflon mounted for altitude and azimuth movements, FRP riding surface mounted.

Triangular ground board mounted to rocker. Wheels, handles and all needed hardware.
Servocat mounting holes for user install / DSC podium and mounting plate
(SST 2014)
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e-mail: starstructure (at) verizon (dot) net